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Full throttle heavy rock from Hannover



born: 1983

Volter: since 2019



born: 1989

Volter: since 2023


Vocals, Bass

born: 1982

Volter since: founding

est. 2014


After the show they will just leave you behind...
with your ears ringing like hell but a bright smile on your face.
With thunderous drums and the amps cranked up to 11, these guys stick to rule #1 of Rock'n'Roll:


VOLTER might sound like, might look like... but are celebrating their own crushing
mixture of rock, metal & punk. If Motörhead were a genre, VOLTER has to be placed
right there.
Compact, powerful and down-the-line this powertrio presents itself as a perfectly
oiled Rock‘n’Roll machine. A whisky-fueled V8 blasting your ears with the throttle full


2014 the „Rocker“ in Hannover, live music is blasting when paths of Anton (Ex-Drummer) and
Gregor crossed. While having a couple of pints they got into a deep conversation of which
dimension they haven't had the slightest idea. It was the hour of birth of VOLTER. With
„Hurricane Hardy“ (Ex-Guitar) on the guitar they were ready for take off.
There wasn't any doubt that VOLTER could only stand for one thing: Straightforward, hand
made and absolute no-compromise Rock'n'Roll! The shared passion for '80s rock and metal
and it's authentic equipment became the foundation of the massive, blasting sound
experience that VOLTER is!
Playing their debut show in April 2016, a self produced EP followed in August of the same
year. After a couple of shows the demand for an Album increased, so VOLTER hit the studio
and chiselled 10 energy loaded tracks into polycarbonate and released their debut-album
„Off to War“ in September 2017.
VOLTER got booked for a range of festivals and club shows. In result they shared stages
with bands like Crowbar, Born from Pain, Nitrogods, V8 Wankers and Night Demon. Besides
the Open Hair Metalfestival (Liechtenstein) and the Nitrofest (Hannover), one of the
highlights in band history was playing at W:O:A in 2018.
Together with Jake who lets his guitar scream since the beginning of 2019, VOLTER
recorded their 2nd self-produced album „High Gain Overkill“ wich appeared january 2021.
2022/23 the band had to face a new change in it's line-up and with Roman who's battering
the drums since then, VOLTER started working on their 3rd album.
Stay tuned, once more it's getting...


© VOLTER. All rights reserved.

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